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Any non-profit agency or organization can be listed in our Business Directory under the Non-Profit catagory for FREE.

To add your organization please email us with the following information and we will be happy to add your listing into the directory at TowandaOnline:

Name of Organization
Contact Person
Phone Number
Email Address
Website URL

For complete listing information for our Non-Profit Groups and Organizations please go to our Directory. 

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Read our Hometown News releases  for news on Our Bradford County soliders stationed

around the globe!

TowandaOnline Hometown News

Local Military graduations and accomplishments!

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                             Towanda Online Guestbook

Please sign our guestbook and tell us what you think about the Towanda Online's web site.  It is our hope that you will find Towanda Online your #1 resource for activities and information about and around the Towanda and surronding areas area.  Please contact us if you have any suggestions on how we can improve this community site.

                                    Thank you.

August 31, 2006 14:29:51:

Was born in Towanda, It has been many years since I was there.

- Hahhy
June 27, 2006 08:58:02:

just checking in on home, love it here without all the banners and trackers we find else where. Thanks

- fantasywind
April 28, 2006 09:30:44:

Best of luck with your new website.It' looks great.I live in Fort Lauderdale Florida now.I'm from Towanda though.Left there forty years ago.Will be returning back to the country in afew months to retire.I Really miss all the beauty of the Towanda area.
Best regards,

- James
March 28, 2006 12:17:13:

I love Towanda! Great site, keep up the great work!

- J P
February 22, 2006 17:08:26:

Very nice site. I look forward to seeing it grow.

- Shelly
February 14, 2006 08:23:39:

Congratulations & Welcome home Jeremy, We are very proud of you and the rest of our soliders in Iraq. We will all be looking forward to seeing you on the 25th!

- Adim
February 7, 2006 19:32:51:

need work...pipefitter,millwright,sheetmetal,or electrical. e mail for resume, over 30yr. exp. hay dee, good work on your site. you need a job search

- glenn
October 25, 2005 08:02:50:

Heard about this web site today, Found by business listing already there, I wanted to say Thanks for helping promote local business. To bad our local & county official don't know how to promote our area & business without a hugh price tage!

- RobertFer
October 25, 2005 07:55:13:

Enjoyed my visit. Thank You for encliding East Towanda & Wysox in you community site.

- BobF
October 25, 2005 07:50:17:

Hi, I wanted to say I enjoy your hometown web site and like your business listings and community events without having to read all the local bad news.

- PollyD
October 19, 2005 22:08:48:

Neat web site you have. I am sure glad I found your site. Tina

- TinaR
September 2, 2005 13:14:40:

Good Luck & Get Well wishes to State Senator Roger Madigan who has recently undergone open-heart surgery Tuesday in Sayre to clear heart blockage. Our thoughts & prayers our with you.

- Dee A. Reeves
July 24, 2005 04:08:11:

Miss my computer buddies Barclay and Lee, I sure hope you are learning lots and seeing everything on your around the world vacations. I miss you both! See you when you come home!

- Fantasy Wind
May 18, 2005 06:52:01:

When visiting Towanda, Pa. be sure to stop by our Pizzeria convienantly located at 600 Main street, just across the Keystone Theatre.
All our subs are made on our homemade bread and our PIZZA will bring you back to Italy. We have a unique garlic crust and the taste that you need to come visit to believe it. We have been in this location under new managment for 2 years, and we like to thank all our patrons who have helped us be Towanda's number one pizzeria.

- Angelina's Original Italian Pizza
April 15, 2005 09:20:50:

SeAnna Alexis, Our hearts & prayers are with you! Hope this is the last one you'll have to go through, Grandma & I will be waiting by the phone. We love you with all of are hearts! Aunt Dee & Grandma

P/S. We're so very proud of the report card!

- Aunt Dee & Grandma
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