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Beauty Tips
Routine Care
Featured Articles:

Celebrity Wedding Beauty Secrets
(ARA) - When it comes to planning their wedding day, it's no surprise that women want to look their absolute best. According to a recent survey of women, looking fabulous was a top concern   beat out only by getting through the actual vows. However, the number one wedding day beauty fear is that they will look too much like their everyday selves, so it is easy to see why 61 percent want to have the look of a celebrity bride.

"Hollywood's celebrity bridal beauties truly set the stage for women across the country," says Star magazine beauty director Tara Kraft. "And looking like a star for your own wedding day can seem effortless with a few easy beauty tips and tools."

Creating a "picture perfect" make-up look for a wedding or any day is all about using the right tools. To help women "get gorgeous" and look like an A-lister on their most important day, celebrity make-up artist Mally Roncal offers her favorite make-up tips:

"It's easy to get the look of your favorite celebrity with the help of Q-tips cotton swabs," says Roncal. "They are the ultimate beauty tool for blending, applying or removing make-up because they are gentle, convenient and allow for precise application so you can look gorgeous on your special wedding day."

* Glowing Bride -- Hollywood is about glowing skin. For a natural, "girl-next door" look, use a Q-tips cotton swab to apply light pink or nude colored shimmer to your cheekbones highlighting your most prominent features. These convenient make-up applicators are versatile and do the job of many brushes. To complete the golden, radiant look, apply bronze or peach blush across the apples of your cheeks and blend.

* Long, Lovely Lashes -- Eye lashes need a little extra 'oomph' to really show up in wedding photos. An easy tip to achieve long willowy lashes is to simply apply a few extra coats of mascara. First apply one coat of mascara, then dip a Q-tips cotton swab in translucent powder and sweep over lashes. They allow for precise make-up application, especially in hard-to-reach places like the eyes. Finally, cover with a second coat of mascara and prepare to flutter away!

* Glamour Eyes -- For a dramatic eye, apply a dark colored eye shadow on your eyelid and use a Q-tips cotton swab to smudge and blend to create a smoky, sultry look. Blending eye shadow is essential in order to avoid a harsh, overdone look. Q-tips are disposable so you can use a fresh one every time without mixing colors and can also help prevent eye irritations that may occur with reusable brushes.

* Sleeping Beauty -- If you have been stressed or losing sleep as the wedding date draws near, simply use a Q-tips cotton swab to apply concealer under the eyes to hide dark circles. They are soft and gentle making them perfect for the delicate skin around the eyes. Then apply a light eye shadow or white powder on the inner corners of the eye to create a bright, wide-eyed look with minimal effort.

* Secret "I Do" Beauty Tool -- If you are worried about getting a little weepy when you say, "I do," try tucking a few Q-tips cotton swabs inside your flower bouquet before walking down the aisle and use them to touch up runny mascara. This trick can prevent those tears of joy from ruining your look   and your pictures!

For more make-up tips visit www.qtips.com.

- Courtesy of ARA Content

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