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Read our Hometown News releases  for news on Our Bradford County soliders stationed

around the globe!

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Armed Services Blood Program — Supplies blood and blood products for the 1.3 million service members and their families around the globe. Here's information on how you can help.

Wounded Warrior Hospital Fund — To provide quality-of-life items for wounded service members at Landstuhl.

Voices from Home — Allows serving military members and their families and friends to send and receive immediate voice e-mail messages.

Military Moms — Message boards, chat rooms, ways to donate items, information on the military, and much more; a project organized by mothers of service members.

Operation Air Conditioner — A military mother's effort to send needed air conditioners (and in the winter, heaters) and other items to troops in the Middle East.

VFW's Operation Uplink — Purchases phone cards and distributes them to service members.

Operation Military Pride — Volunteer organization, founded by military spouses, sends cards, letters and care packages to troops. Also distributes names and addresses of participating service members for people wishing to send messages or gifts directly.

Adopt a Platoon — Several programs, including Operation Holiday Eagle (to send boxes of candy canes to forces deployed to Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, the Balkans and Korea).

Operation Dear Abby — Noted advice columnist's site for sending "any service member" messages.

Fallen Heroes Last Wish Foundation — Provides funds to help support and educate the children of American service members lost during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Fisher House — "Comfort homes" on the grounds of major military and VA medical centers, where family members can be close to a loved one during the hospitalization for an unexpected illness, disease, or injury.

USA Freedom Corps — Make a difference by volunteering. Web site gives you many options.

USO Care packages — Sponsor a care package that includes requested items such as pre-paid worldwide phone cards, sunscreen, travel-size toiletries, and personal messages.

Camp.Doha.org — Information on the Middle East for troops and their families and friends.

Soldiers Angels — "Adopt" a service member or send along a gift. A wide-ranging foundation started by a soldier's mom.

Operation Give — Coordinates the collection and distribution of toys and other items for Iraqi children

Operation Shoe Box — Their goal: "A package for every soldier, sailor, airman, and Marine" deployed overseas.

Treat the Troops — Home-baked cookies for service members.

SI Yellow Ribbon — From southern Illinois, sending packages, cards and letters to the troops

Operation Enduring Response — a Texas Red Cross chapter's program enabling kids to write letters which are then delivered to the troops.

Operation Hero Miles — An effort by several airlines allowing the public to donate frequent flyer miles to troops coming home for emergencies or R&R.

Operation Military Care — The U.S. War Dogs Association's project devoted to supporting the hundreds of American war dogs and their handlers in Iraq.

Gifts From the Homefront — AAFES' project turns donations into gift certificates the troops can use to shop at the 24 exchanges operating in the Persian Gulf area or elsewhere around the world.

Gift of Groceries — DECA's program provides gift certificates that can be used at commissaries. Family members can also use them at bases back home.

Operation SAND Box — Started by two 13-year-olds, "adopt a soldier" program gets supplies and messages to the troops.

Operation Soldier Support — Puts you in contact with participating service members, so you can send messages and gifts.

Operation Gold Bridge — Seeking school supplies for Iraqi schools. (Story has contact information.)

Defend America messages — At this Defense Dept. Web site, a way to send a "thank you" note to the troops.

Attn: Any Soldier — Seeks donations of hand warmers, inflatable pillows, all-weather and emergency blankets, antibacterial wipes and Beanie Babies for soldiers to give to Iraqi tots.

Freedom packages — Items for troops in overseas combat zones.

Kitchen Table Gang — Encourages sending care packages, phone cards and items like magazine or newspaper subscriptions to hospitalized veterans and troops.

EmailOurMilitary.com — Send messages to the troops.

Marine Moms — Support page for friends and relatives of Marines.

Militarymail.org — Send "fan mail" to service members.

About mailing ...

The rules for sending mail to service members overseas. Here's more information:

Story clarifying status of "e-mail" programs

Story about government's suggestions on ways to help troops

If you know of other programs that you think should be considered for listing here, or to tell us about a problem with these links, please use our contact form here

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